Protect your products in a bubble of air!

Here's a brilliant solution for packaging and protecting valuable, fragile or awkward products. 

BUBL Bags and BUBL Pods inflate to cushion your products in an air bubble, providing maximum protection.

The reusable bags and pods are ideal for single or multiple items, easily accommodating different shapes and sizes. They are perfect for packing anything from mobile phones to TV's, jars and bottles, 3D printed medical devices to floor tiles!

The products are supplied uninflated so require much less space than traditional packaging. It takes just a few seconds to pack your products, a fraction of the time compared to traditional packaging methods. They can also be reused many times and are made from 100% recyclable materials, which means they are environmentally too!

They can be inflated quickly and easily following the instructions below:


They can also be deflated quickly and easily following the instructions below:


If you’re interested in learning more then please let us know. We would love to hear about the challenges you face getting your products delivered safely to your customers. If you have a particularly difficult packaging challenge to solve, call our friendly sales team today on 0115 944 1600.