Spacefil Paper Void Fill

Spacefil is a paper void-fill system from KB Packaging that’s a brilliant alternative to loosefill.

It comes in a purpose-made box that dispenses pre-coiled paper so that you can protect your goods whilst they are in transit. It has excellent bulking properties and doesn’t crush the contents of a box.

There’s also considerably less mess and waste when compared to loosefill products, plus it only needs minimal storage space, which means it’s a really convenient and cost effective solution.

Spacefil is available in a small 300m roll and a large 640m roll.


Spacefil paper void fill roll 375mm x 640m (55gsm)

Spacefil paper void fill roll 375mm x 640m (55gsm)

Stock Code: KBSF375-LARGE
£37.98 (exc VAT) per ROLL
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