Kraft Paper

KB Packaging stocks a premium range of Kraft paper, an economical alternative range called unglazed imitation Kraft paper and waxed Kraft paper.

Within the pure Kraft paper range we stock both ribbed and unribbed paper from 70gsm to 88gsm which is made from 100% pure natural kraft fibres. This premium paper has a strong tear resistance and is ideal for general wrapping when sending your parcels out for dispatch. The paper is available either on a roll or as individual sheets for ease of use.

Unglazed imitation Kraft paper is made from 100% recycled fibres and is a more cost-effective alternative to Kraft paper. This paper is suitable for interleaving your goods or as a stuffer paper for light to medium applications.

Waxed Kraft paper is recommended for wrapping greasy or oily components. A good quality wax is applied to both sides of the paper to seal against leakages.