Gel Packs

Thergis helps you chill out for longer

At KB Packaging, we work hard to deliver better, more efficient and often unique packaging solutions to our valued customers.

With Thergis, so named from "Thermal Logistics" we have developed a unique brand and a standard of service that really raises the bar in the chilled packaging solutions market.

In order to provide the optimum chilled packaging solution to our customers, we have invested significantly in a dedicated UK manufacturing facility. Our equipment is state of the art, producing Thergis branded gel packs of the highest quality.

Our reusable gel packs contain a specially formulated non-toxic gel to help keep your goods chilled for longer in transit. Conveniently stored in cartons or freezer trays our product is ready to be frozen and then used in application.

Our Thergis gel packs are ideal for chilling fresh foods like fish, cheese, meat, pies, ready meals, recipe kits and even pharmaceuticals and fresh flowers!

The following gel pack sizes/weights are available to order from stock via our Thergis website:-

275g - 200mm x 120mm

400g - 200mm x 150mm

500g - 200mm x 150mm

800g - 200mm x 370mm (3 fold)

1000g - 150mm x 286mm

Bespoke sizes and branded gel packs with your company logo are also available upon request. Our product is stored in our BRC approved warehouse.



So much more than a UK gel pack manufacturer..

By regularly talking with customers, we’ve realised that many businesses really need a bespoke chilled packaging solution for their goods, rather than something off-the-shelf. That's why we have a testing facility where we can look at tailoring different packaging options for our customers.

Of course, our ultimate objective is to find the optimum solution that ensures your products arrive with your customer in perfect condition, whilst saving unnecessary packaging and distribution costs.

We're fully equipped to supply our customers with other temperature controlled packaging products from foil insulated liners, paper box liners, polystyrene box liners, absorbent pads and so much more!

For more information on our Thergis range of temperature controlled packaging or to place an order please visit or call us today on 0115 944 1600.