Clear Tape

Is packaging tape recyclable ?

Have you ever wondered if your packaging tape is recyclable?

You might think that Vinyl and Polypropylene tapes can not be recycled but they can. They are manufactured from plastic that can be recycled and can also be recycled if stuck to paper, such as a packing box, as long as the tape doesn't cover more than 5% of the surface area.

Bubble Wrap

Bubble Wrap with 30% recycle content

You will have seen that lead times and prices have increased on many consumable products across many industry sectors.

One in particular is rolls of corrugated cardboard - we have seen price increases of up to 30% and lead time have gone out to 10 - 12 weeks. We have never seen lead times and price increases like this and it is very challenging to be able to fulfil our customers' requirements.

A direct replacement for corrugated rolls would be our 30% recycled content bubble wrap - we supply it on 100m rolls and currently have good stocks on all sizes.

Over the years the pricing has shifted and 30% recycled content bubble wrap is now considerably more cost effective than corrugated cardboard - as well as being lighter and more cost effective it is also fully recyclable.

If you would like to trial it as an alternative, please contact our sales team


How to....strap a pallet with plastic strapping

Sometimes our customers ask for our advice on "How to strap a pallet?"

In our series of "How to Guides" our Sales Director Chris Birch shows you how it's done in this short video using plastic strapping, a tensioner and a sealer.

At KB Packaging we have a great range of strapping products available including plastic, woven, extruded polyester and steel. We also stock the accompanying tools to go with each type of strapping too.

For more information please contact our friendly sales team today on 0115 944 1600.


How to....put a roll of tape on a dispenser

It may sound a very simple thing to do, but we do get asked by some customers "How do you put a roll of tape on a tape gun?"

In our series of "How to Guides" our Sales Director Chris Birch shows you how it’s done in this short video.

At KB Packaging we have a great range of adhesives tapes available including our popular E-Tape brand.

For more information please contact our friendly sales team today on 0115 944 1600.


How to....measure a box

One of the most common questions that we get asked by our customers is "How do we a measure a box?"

In our series of "How to Guides" our Sales Director Chris Birch shows you how it's done in this short video.

When it comes to cartons please remember that box dimensions are based on internal dimensions (L) x (W) x (H) and not the external dimensions.

At KB Packaging we have a great range of stock boxes available for next day delivery. We can also help you with printed boxes too.

For more information please contact our friendly sales team today on 0115 944 1600.

Honeycomb Card Sheet


A paint manufacturer was experiencing an ongoing problem with the lids on buckets collapsing under the weight of paint stacked on top. They tried using standard cardboard sheets to separate the rows of buckets, but this was not effective.

A solution was readily at hand as soon as they notified the KB Packaging team. We tested a honeycomb format cardboard, which doesn’t compress and is actually durable enough to be used several times. It worked a treat! Damage to pallet loads, which were running at nearly 40 a week, have been prevented, saving time and bucket-loads of money!

If you have a packaging challenge then why not put us to the test by calling our friendly team on 0115 944 1600.



A Roof Truss manufacturer was experiencing a recurring problem. They were using a plastic (polypropylene) strapping to secure the trusses when transporting them around the yard.

The problem was that the plastic strapping kept snapping! Not only was this causing considerable extra work in re-strapping the trusses, but there was significant danger to the yard staff who could be hit by a falling truss.

Like all great ideas, KB Packaging’s solution was simple…and very effective. We upgraded their strapping to a woven polyester strapping which performs as well as steel, but a lot safer to work with. The result -many hours saved every week not having to re-strap the trusses and a much safer working environment.

For more information on strapping please contact our friendly sales team today on 0115 944 1600.

Airplus Recycle


AIRplus RECYCLE which is made from at least 50% recycled materials is now available from KB Packaging. This product is more eco-friendly in comparison to traditional air bag films and is currently being trialled by one of our top customers!

For more information or to request a quotation please contact KB Packaging on 0115 944 1600.


Welcome...Angharad Parry!

This week KB Packaging welcomed new team member; Angharad Parry (Harry for short).

Harry has joined the KB Packaging marketing team as our Telemarketing Executive. Harry has a wealth of experience in business development and cold calling and will be working closely with the team on their prospecting programme.

We would like to wish her well in her new role!

Spacefil Offer


Why not “go green” and swap your big bags of loosefill with our paper void fill solution called Spacefil. It’s a great alternative to the polystyrene chips plus it takes up less storage space in your warehouse too.

Save space and go eco-friendly with Spacefil from KB Packaging.

For more information on this product or to place your order please call our friendly team today on 0115 944 1600

Cardboard Shredder


Why not create your own loosefill material by shredding all your waste cardboard with one of our cardboard shredders?

It’s a great way of creating your own loosefill to use when protecting your products in transit.

For a quotation please contact one of friendly team today on 0115 944 1600

Sally Greaves

Employee of the Year 2019

Today, a very special announcement was made by Keith Birch to award the “Employee of the Year for 2019” which was awarded to Sally Greaves our Marketing Manager.

Sally would like to say, “There are a lot of hard-working members of staff at KB Packaging that are worthy of this award. I was overwhelmed during the presentation as you can tell by my picture, but incredibly proud to receive this recognition by the Directors. Thank you!”

Congratulations Sally and thank you for all your hard work!

Paper Wrap


If you're looking for an environmentally friendly alternative to bubble wrap then look no further!

KB Packaging are now supplying customers with a protective paper wrap with an accompanying dispenser. With its interlocking, honeycomb structured design this protective paper wrapping will keep your products in place without the need for any adhesive tape. It’s 100% recyclable and biodegradable.

For more information on the protective paper wrap and dispenser please contact our friendly team today on 0115 944 1600

End of Year Meal 2019

End of year meal

A BIG thank you to the Directors and staff at KB Packaging today for providing all the team with a delicious end of year meal to celebrate our hard work and commitment in 2019.

As you can see here beautiful steak and chicken were cooked on the BBQ by Masterchef Chris!

Here’s to a fantastic 2020! Happy holidays everyone!

Presentation Boxes

Presentation Boxes

It’s been a busy couple of weeks for the team at KB Packaging as we’ve been preparing all our end of year gift boxes as shown here.

Fresh salmon and cheese have been nicely chilled in transit with our Thergis branded gel packs alongside the crackers and port making a lovely hamper for each recipient.

If you’re looking for a printed presentation box to send out to your customers or for a chilled packaging solution with gel packs then please call our friendly team today on 0115 944 1600 or please visit or

Thergis Intro

Introducing Thergis!

We are delighted to announce that we have rebranded our popular range of KB Gel Packs as Thergis (thermal logistics).

As part of our strategy to grow this amazing brand, we are now manufacturing our own gel packs in a new production facility here in the UK.

We are no longer just a supplier of gel packs as we can now offer a complete packaging solution to companies transporting temperature-sensitive goods. The product range includes Gel Packs in various sizes, Foil Insulated Liners, Absorbent Pads and Temperature Data Loggers.

Finally, we have also launched built a test laboratory where customers can provide us with samples of their product for us to test the efficiency of different chilled packaging methods. For more information please visit or please call 0115 944 1600 (Thergis part of KB Packaging).

Chris Goes Delivering

Chris Goes Delivering!

Your feedback is essential as we are always looking to improve the products and services we provide.

Chris Birch; our Sales Director wanted to hear some of the feedback first-hand by personally delivering some of our customer orders in the KB Packaging branded van.

Here is Chris accepting the delivery paperwork from our Operations Manager before heading off in the van this afternoon. Well done Chris for taking the time out to personally deliver to our customers for that valuable feedback.

Farewell Adrienne

Farewell to Adrienne Birch...  

Today the team at KB Packaging would like to say a BIG thank you and a fond farewell to our lovely colleague Adrienne Birch. Adrienne will be leaving KB Packaging today after 4 years in our customer service team!

Adrienne has been a fantastic team member. Her hard work, commitment and willingness to help her colleagues and customers has been appreciated by everyone.

Good luck and thank you Adrienne from everyone at KB Packaging for your contribution! You will be sadly missed! We wish you all the best as you embark on the next chapter of your life.

Triangle Box


At KB Packaging were always responding to customers’ packaging challenges with innovative solutions.

So, when a manufacturer of garage doors, road barriers and bollards asked us to help with their particular problem, naturally we were keen to help.

The issue was that when they put barrier poles into a circular tube for distribution, the tubes were hard to contain and rolled everywhere. They had already looked at using a more traditional box but they were bending in the middle through lack of integral strength.

We hit upon the idea of using a triangular shaped box, which provided all the strength required to protect the goods, plus the added bonus that they could be stacked, like a pyramid. The customer was also delighted to find this solution used 20% less cardboard, so packaging costs were reduced too!

So, next time you have an unusual packaging problem, remember KB Packaging will help you solve it. Call us today on 0115 944 1600 or visit


Welcome...Rachel Beardsley!  

KB Packaging would like to welcome new team member; Rachel Beardsley.

Rachel has joined the KB Packaging customer service team and will be taking over from Jackie Aldred in September as the main internal contact for Struan Birch's customers.

We would like to wish her well in her new role!

British Pie Week

It's British pie week - 4th-10th March 2019

What's your favourite flavour of pie....pork, apple, steak etc? Did you know that our KB Gel Packs are ideal for mail order pie companies that are looking to keep their products chilled for longer during transit? For more information on our ice replacement product please contact either Ed Pearse or Reuben Birch at KB Packaging today on 0115 944 1600, or click here to view the range.


Farewell to Tim Lloyd

Today the staff at KB Packaging came together to say thank you and a fond farewell to our lovely colleague Tim Lloyd. Tim will be leaving KB Packaging today after 8 years in our sales team!

We marked the occasion with a delicious Nando’s lunch together and a KB Packaging cake which was made by one of the team.

Good luck and thank you Tim from everyone at KB Packaging for your contribution over the last 8 years! We will miss you. We wish you all the best in your new job role.

Tims Cake

Load Stability - How we helped a leading paint supplier

For a leading paint supplier, we had to think of an innovative way of securing circular paint containers in transit. We recommended applying cardboard edge guards around the top with strapping to secure it with the force being applied from the top down. As a test we tilted the pallet to a 45 degree angle without any pallet wrap around it to show that nothing moved. It worked!

For the same customer we also introduced them to anti slip coated grip sheets for a different project. The grip sheet will help stabilise the load from the inside out and hold it together. When a forklift or a lorry breaks, the paint could easily shift forward on the pallet, but with a grip sheet underneath the paint it will help stop it moving forward.

If you have a packaging problem like this customer please contact our friendly packaging specialists on 0115 944 1600

Plastic Free Packaging Tape

It’s a fact that more and more businesses are looking for environmentally friendly packaging solutions. At KB Packaging we would recommend swapping (wherever possible) polypropylene tape for paper tape as it’s a fantastic alternative product.

Here is our Sales Director, Chris Birch, demonstrating a self-adhesive paper tape with a hand-held dispenser that doesn’t require any water activation. This tape is strong, reliable and resistant to humidity and temperature changes. Once applied it provides a tamper evident seal. It’s also eco-friendly as the product is 100% recyclable. Water activated gummed paper tapes and machinery are also available from KB Packaging.

Wine Box

KB Packaging Provides Another Packaging Solution

Problem - A leading distribution and fulfilment company was experiencing breakages in transit when sending crates of wine. This resulted in additional costs to their business.

Solution - KB Packaging recommended and produced a wine bottle divider set and a cushioning barrier to go inside the box. We also recommended a stronger outer box for the divider set to go into.

If you have a difficult product to package and protect then please contact KB Packaging today on 0115 944 1600 and we will find the solution. Come on...please put us to the test!

End of Year Meal

End of year meal

Today, the Directors and staff at KB Packaging came together to prepare a lovely BBQ lunch for everyone to celebrate our hard work and commitment in 2018!

Through hard work comes success and we’re delighted to announce that we’ve achieved our biggest sales turnover to date since the business first started in 1985. Well done and thank you to everyone involved in making it such a special meal today!

Here's to a fantastic 2019!

Fitment box


Mr Dave in our purchasing department has been busy working with a key supplier on a bespoke paper pallet box and fitment for an automotive component. Here is the sample that we’re pleased to present to our client.

This is another great example of how KB Packaging can work with our customers in producing a bespoke packaging solution. Great work Mr Dave!

If you have a bespoke packaging requirement and need something special like this then please contact our packaging experts today on 0115 944 1600.




Pallets and pallet boxes made from paper!

We are delighted to offer our customers the PALLITE range of pallets and pallet boxes. Its a strong and recyclable transit packaging material that provides a clean, lightweight alternative to wood that is exempt from ISPM15. These award-winning, innovative products have broken the mould in transit packaging solutions.



Made from a clean and lightweight alternative to wood, the honeycomb-cell technology of PALLITE pallets means you can trust their strength. Available in a range of sizes, they can also be custom-made to your specifications.


Pallet Boxes

With a 25mm reinforced honeycombwall, the PALLITE pallet box is strong enough to withstand the impact of any journey. It's collapsible design helps to save valuable storage space. Choose bespoke CNC-machined inserts and cradles to protect items with an irregular shape, or valuable and fragile goods.


For more information please contact our sales team on 0115 944 1600 or email

Anti Slip Sheets


Did you know that KB Packaging can supply anti slip coated grip sheets? When there’s a chance that your valuable load might move or slip whilst in transit, then our anti slip coated grip sheets provide the ideal solution.

This product is designed to hold the load in place by increasing the coefficient of friction between the layers on a pallet.

Available in recycled kraft and in a waterproof version. It is offered in a variety of standard paper weights, widths and lengths to best fit your application.

For more information on our anti slip coated grip sheets please contact our friendly sales team today on 0115 944 1600.

Spinny Pallet Wrapper

We've got pallets well and truly wrapped!

At KB Packaging we take pallet load stability very seriously. That's why we have a strong range of pallet wrapping machinery available for purchase and rental.

Starting at the entry level 'Facile' wrapping machines which are simply 'plug and play' with intuitive controls, we supply right up to high performance turntable machines with fully variable programmes to ensure that any scenario is covered. With a variety of mast heights and turntable diameters available, we can help you achieve an optimum wrap on a low and heavy pallet right up to a tall, unstable euro pallet.

Coupled with the right film, your savings can be huge! KB Packaging offers complementary pallet wrap analysis service which provides recommendations specific to your operation, based on site trials and our experience in the marketplace.

We've got service and training wrapped up too, with our own team of engineers available for installation and ongoing servicing and maintenance. Many of our machines are available from stock, with special builds and more advanced machines on a longer lead-time.

The strength, integrity and security when wrapping pallets has always been of prime importance. Now, with the latest technology, KB Packaging has taken their pallet wrap solutions to a whole new level with a fantastic selection of equipment for every type of application. From entry level machines, right the way up to a fully automated wrapping solution, we've got the machinery and expertise to meet your requirements.

Fast Facts:

  • Wide range of options
  • Budget range ideal for small businesses handling up to 50 pallets per day
  • Premium range with power pre-stretch capabilities provides optimum use of films
  • Simple touchscreen controls
  • Specialist consultancy services available to optimise your packaging efficiency
  • Assembly and servicing also available to all customers

For more information or to arrange a consultation, please contact our sales team on 0115 944 1600 or email


Welcome... Nathan Saxton!  

KB Packaging would like to welcome new team member; Nathan Saxton who has recently joined the Purchasing team.

As our Purchasing Assistant & Estimator; Nathan will be working alongside Dave Wilson and Steve Birch in managing our stock levels and sourcing bespoke packaging products for our customers.

We would like to wish Nathan all the best in his new role!




This week we’re delighted to announce that we will be sending out in the post our 1st exclusive magazine from KB Packaging.

The magazine is called “Unboxed” and it’s absolutely jammed packed with informative articles on packaging solutions that could save you time, space and money! Load stability, an efficient packing department and reducing your packaging waste are some of the topics covered in this first issue.

Be sure to look out for your copy of the magazine and we would love to hear your feedback for future issues.

If you would like to request a copy please email Sally Greaves –

Bespoke Printed Tape


Printed tape with your brand or a special message featured on it is a cost effective way of promoting your company to existing and potential customers.

The below is the KB Packaging bespoke printed tape featured on one of our pallets ready for dispatch. If you're looking for a bespoke printed tape then please speak to us today for a quotation.

Plus, we're offering FREE ARTWORK for projects that require 1 or 2 spot colour printing. For 3 or 4 spot colour printing we will be reducing our artwork cost by 50%.

This promotional offer is available until the end of September 2018. Call the KB Packaging sales team today for your quotation - 0115 944 1600


Video Interview with Chris Birch

Our Sales Director, Chris Birch shares our successes and what to expect from KB Packaging in 2018.

 Plastic Packaging Waste

KB Packaging encourages customers to select smarter packaging materials to help reduce UK Packaging waste

Over the last couple of months you may have seen in the news that the Government is trying to tackle the ongoing issue of large amounts of plastic packaging waste going into our seas and landfills.

Experts predict that there will be more plastic than fish in our oceans by 2050; unless we take drastic action now. As daunting as this prospect is there are a number of things that we can do alongside any future government proposals to help reduce UK packaging waste.

Recycling wherever possible should be continued to be encouraged. However, here at KB Packaging we would like to inspire our customers to purchase smarter, next generation packaging materials where less product is required to do the job.

Chris Birch, Sales Director at KB Packaging said, "Within our product range we have a range of materials that are incredibly strong and use less raw materials. One classic example is our Nano Pallet Wrap – its manufactured using around 55 layers of very thin but very strong material – the overall effect is a well wrapped pallet with a high holding force that has used less material. Therefore less waste will go into our UK landfills plus you will save money on your packaging too.”

This is just one of many product examples available from KB Packaging whereby we can save customers time, space, money and packaging waste.

For more information please contact KB Packaging on 0115 944 1600 or visit

Meet Oscar, our robot pallet wrapper

Oscar is a pretty unique in the world of pallet wrappers. He's got an ability to wrap up to 320 pallets on a single charge, but he's equally happy running round oversized pallets up to 2.1m tall. Putting it simply, he's versatile. Take him to the pallet wherever it is on your premises and he'll deliver the load stability that you need, quicker than you can say 'facile avvolto'.

For more information about Oscar, please call our sales team on 0115 944 1600.


Farewell and congratulations to Kirsty Oates! 

We would like to wish Kirsty many congratulations on her forthcoming marriage. Kirsty leaves the KB Packaging sales team on September 22nd so we would like to say a big THANK YOU for all her hard work over the last 3 years! Following Kirsty's departure customers should either ask for Cora Miller, Adrienne Birch, Annie Smythe or our latest team member, Jackie Aldred. Call 0115 944 1600 as usual.


Spacefil Video

Spacefil is a paper void fill system from KB Packaging that's a brilliant alternative to loosefill.

This short video highlights all the great benefits of this product when compared to loosefill. For more information please contact the sales team on 0115 944 1600.


Welcome...Jackie Aldred!  

KB Packaging would like to welcome new team member; Jackie Aldred.

Jackie has joined the KB Packaging customer service team and will be taking over from Annie Smythe as the main internal contact for Tim Lloyd's customers.

We would like to wish her well in her new role!


New Website Video

This short video highlights all the great new features of our brand new website - 

Be sure to check it out! For more information or help with online ordering please email 



Welcome...Reuben Birch!  

KB Packaging would like to welcome new team member; Reuben Birch who has joined the family business after leaving school.

Reuben will be working alongside Ed Pearse in expanding the KB Gel Ice Pack side of the business.

We would like to wish him well in his new role!


No Chocolate

Kirsty Oates is helping to raise money for our local Air Ambulance

Kirsty Oates in our Customer Service team is raising money for our local Air Ambulance by dechoxing for the whole of March. This is quite a personal challenge for Kirsty as she loves chocolate!

So far Kirsty has raised £105.00 through donations received by colleagues, friends and customers. Keep up the good work Kirsty you’re doing great and thank you if you have donated!

If you would like to support Kirsty with this fundraising challenge please donate what you can to the local Air Ambulance by visiting our JustGiving page -

It’s such a fantastic charity when you look at the lifesaving missions that they do in the region.


KB Gel Ice Packs Video

An ice replacement system designed to keep products like fish, cheese and fresh meat chilled for longer during transit. This short video highlights all the great benefits of using this product. For more information on our KB Gel Ice Packs please visit or email



Local MP Maggie Throup visits KB Packaging

KB Packaging was delighted to host a visit today by local Erewash MP, Maggie Throup.

Managing Director; Keith Birch took the opportunity to give the MP a guided tour of the packaging business in Ilkeston and introduced her to several members of staff. Shortly afterwards, she sat down with the business leaders and some of the employees to discuss her work in the constituency and the future prosperity of Ilkeston.

Maggie Throup was pleased to see a thriving family business in the constituency and said, “It’s fantastic to see a range of businesses like this operating in the Ilkeston area.”

The business presented the MP with a bouquet of flowers and a box of chocolates as a small thank you for taking the time to visit KB Packaging.

KB Packaging is supporting local employment and has recently employed two new team members in line with the company’s expansion plans.



Shrinklite Video

Shrinklite is a new shrinkable polythene sheeting available from KB Packaging that provides much stronger pallet load holding forces.

This short video highlights all the great benefits of using this new shrinkable polythene sheeting. For more information please contact the sales team on 0115 944 1600.



3" E-Tape Video

More users are now switching from standard tape to the big E-Tape roll and this short video explains the reasons why…


K-Board Video 

K-Board is a super high strength, single walled box that provides comparable performance to double walled boxes. This short video explains all the great benefits of a K-Board box from KB Packaging.


Welcome...Annie Smythe!  

KB Packaging continues to strengthen our customer service team by welcoming another new team member; Annie Smythe who has joined us from Pektron. Annie will be the main internal contact for Tim Lloyds’s customers as well as prospecting for new customers. We would like to wish her well in her new role!

Please note that Kirsty Oates will now be the main internal contact for Chris and Steve Birch’s customers.

Nano Pallet Wrap Video 

If you're looking to increase pallet stability and reduce costs then we're about to show you an impressive new solution using Nano Technology.

This short video highlights what the product solution is and all the key benefits for your business when using this type of pallet wrap. For more information please contact the sales team on 0115 944 1600.


Welcome...Cora Miller!  

KB Packaging would like to welcome new team member; Cora Miller who has joined us from Manthorpe Building Products.

Cora has joined the KB Packaging customer service team and will be the main internal contact for Dave Fear's customers. 

We would like to wish her well in her new role!

 Air Ambulance

KB Packaging is raising money to help our local Air Ambulance in 2017

KB Packaging is delighted to be supporting our local Air Ambulance – Derbyshire, Leicestershire and Rutland as our chosen corporate charity for 2017.

Our local Air Ambulance provides pre-hospital care and rapid transport to specialist hospitals; to those suffering serious injury and illness.

The DLRAA attend over 1000 missions a year – each mission costing around £1,700.00. The Air Ambulance service does not receive any government funding. Their lifesaving missions are fuelled solely by donations.

KB Packaging has set a fundraising target of £1,700.00 for the year to help cover the cost of one lifesaving mission. If you would like to donate to this fantastic charity please visit the KB Packaging JustGiving page -

Thank you in advance if you do donate as all donations will make a big difference to the local Air Ambulance Service!



What's your biggest bottleneck?

It doesn’t matter how efficient the majority of your production facility is, overall it’s only as efficient as your bottleneck!

As we start the lead in to what is the busiest time of year for many production, fulfillment and warehousing facilities across the UK and Europe it’s vital to pinpoint your biggest bottleneck and address it. Have you considered the opportunity cost to your business of a dispatch area that isn’t able to handle your potential production output? What if you could speed up the pallet throughput from your warehouse without compromising the stability, load retention, or quality of pallets wrapped?

The breakthrough in Nano Technology film means that pallets can be wrapped more efficiently, with increased load stability using a film that is best suited to your machinery and operation. As a perk, there are cost in use savings to be achieved too…!

Increasing efficiency through pallet wrap innovation is one of many ways that KB Packaging can help you to identify your bottleneck and help release your operational potential.

Contact KB Packaging today for your free pallet wrap consultation on 0115 944 1600 or email 



Our Corporate Video

KB Packaging is delighted to present our corporate video for 2016 which showcases what we have to offer as a key packaging supplier in the UK. We hope this short video puts a smile on your face. Enjoy!


75mm hand held E-Tape dispenser

75mm hand held E-Tape dispenser

Stock Code: ED-4
?10.00 (exc VAT) per EA
Promotional Price - Save ?7.10 (Usually ?17.10)
Quantity: - +