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Gift Packaging

Gift Packaging We have the perfect Gift Packaging for every occassion. We have incorperated an eco concious and innovative Gift Packaging range which provides protection for your precious deliveries. If you want to stand out or enhance your branding we can provide bespoke prints and designs, with advice from our in house design team, we can make your packaging come to life. Make your packaging special, for any occasion.

Pallet Stability

Pallet Stability We provide solutions and advice designed to enhance the safety and stability of your goods whilst in transit. These include layer sheets for enhanced weight distribution on the pallet, pallet top sheets, edge protectors and pallet covers, pallet wrap and nanofilm for hand and machine applications together with a full equipment range.


Boxes Our comprehensive range of boxes provide the right solution for every packaging and despatch requirement. All are manufactured to the highest specification to provide strength, durability, and protection for the storage, packing and transit of a wide range of goods. Made from 100% recycled materials, all our boxes are 100% recyclable, biodegradable and supplied flat to help minimise storage Download Fefco Box Styles


Postal Packaging With more and more goods being delivered direct to home, our postal range provides everything to support your e-commerce business from padded and poly envelopes to labels, tubes, and postal boxes of every size.


Tape We supply every type of tape from the popular E-Tape brand to standard packaging tape, eco-friendly paper tape, low noise tape and pre-printed tape to enhance your branding to name just a few of the options, all supported by our cost effective and reliable tape dispensers and automated options.


Strapping Strapping is a quick and efficient way to fasten goods together for easier handline, to reinforce boxes for transit or to attach items to pallets for extra stability. Our range includes every type of strapping for every packaging need from light weight boxes to the heaviest pallet loads, together with a full range of strapping equipment and accessories.


Protective Packaging Our extensive range of protective packaging is designed to keep everything from precision machine parts to pottery, clothing, and bulk items safe and protected through the whole transit journey. With outer cushioning including bubble wrap, foam rolls, edge guard protection and our honeycomb paper eco option, alongside void fill options such as air bag machines and films, bespoke foam infills, eco Spacefil paper and bulk fed loosefill systems, we have the right protection for every product.

Bags and Film

Bags and Film Protect your product with the KB Packaging range of bags and film from packing bags and film of every material and size, to grip seal poly bags, protective bubble bags, shrink wrap films and paper bags for a more eco option. We can also design and produce bespoke bags for specific packaging requirements, including multi-size and shape paper bags branded with your logo and marketing messages.

Eco Range

Eco Range At KB Packaging we're committed to do all we can to make our packaging as environmentally friendly and sustainable as possible. All our boxes and cardboard are 100% recyclable and biodegradable, most of our plastics have a minimum of 30% of recycled content. We're actively sourcing new eco options to help customers meet their environmental targets and minimise the impact of the new plastic tax, including our new protective honeycomb paper, an eco-friendly and cost-effective alternative for plastic bubble wrap cushioning,

Your Bespoke Products

Your Bespoke Products Not every packaging requirement can be met with a standard product. We can design and deliver bespoke solutions for any product, regardless of material, size, shape, weight, or fragility from custom printed boxes, tape and bags to packing materials, ensuring your branding runs throughout all your packaging The prices listed here are the last price you paid and may not be the current price. If there is a query we will contact you before we proceed.